Will Stokes

Chief Strategy Officer

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Will has spent his career focused on the launch and growth of transformational healthcare businesses. Will started his career as a Strategy Consultant in Deloitte Consulting’s healthcare practice, where he worked with some of the largest healthcare companies in the country to make internal and external investments in clinical and business model innovation. He then joined Oxeon’s Venture Studio, where he worked to build healthcare technology and services companies from scratch. Will spent his first year at Oxeon as a primary architect in the build of Empiric Health, an analytics-enabled service that optimizes physician decision-making, developed in partnership with Intermountain Healthcare. Through his work with Empiric, he gained experience taking a company from concept to launch and was ready to apply this experience to a new problem in healthcare. After Empiric launched, Will set to work exploring the kidney care space, looking for ways to fill the gaps in care while aligning value in the system for all participants. From this work, the idea for Strive Health was born. Will led the initial funding and launch of Strive from within the Oxeon Venture Studio before joining Strive as Chief Strategy Officer, where he leads all things “go-to-market”, bringing Strive’s model to life through payor and provider partnerships.

When he’s not focused on healthcare innovation, he’s outside in the mountains, lamenting another disappointing Tennessee Titans football season, or planning the next trip abroad with his wife.

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