Coco Zuloaga

Head of Data Science

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Coco (Jorge) Zuloaga got his master’s in mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Canada and his PhD in computational physics from Rice University in Houston, TX. His work in computational mathematics and physics has spanned several fields, from particle physics to quantum plasmonics. He has been a visiting researcher at DESY in Hamburg, Germany and at the Institute of Physics, CSIS, in Madrid, Spain. Following his graduate work, he joined the faculty at Rice University where he taught and conducted research. Since leaving academia for a career in tech, he has worked in data science for healthcare applications at Alliance Health and at Health Catalyst. Prior to joining Strive, he headed data science for Big Squid, a company in the automated machine learning space. He is currently the head of data science at Strive Health, where he focuses on using machine learning, statistics, and data analytics to improve patient care.

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