Brandi Riddle

Chief Financial Officer

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Brandi has spent the last 20+ years primarily in various financial leadership roles, supporting the strategic acceleration of healthcare companies by executing on healthy growth initiatives that aligned with the company’s vision and mission. She has spent her career in two healthcare segments, skilled nursing and primary care, and believes these complex yet “must have” models of care have given her the front row view of what works in the world of healthcare. This is the driving force behind why Brandi is now at Strive.  She is passionate about being part of a team that is on the forefront of innovation for healthcare and believes her greatest talent is her ability to support complex financial models of care that make meaningful change for the lives of patients.

Brandi is an outdoor person and loves any time she can get running or on her mountain bike with her husband of 20 years, her two boys 18 and 15 and her 3 dogs.  The family enjoys their week in Denver, CO and their weekends in Granby, CO trying to take in all that the Colorado way of life gives to them.

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