Strive Takes Total Cost
of Care Risk on CKD and
ESRD Patients

Commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid payors all have the opportunity to significantly reduce cost of care for kidney disease members while enabling providers to deliver the highest quality care.

The Strive Solution for Health Plans

Strive’s high-touch clinical model integrates with local provider partners, identifies patients early, and spans the entire patient journey, including comprehensive renal replacement therapy. Strive will generate transformational outcomes for your CKD – ESRD population, achieve savings on total cost of care, and shift kidney care risk to Strive and other provider partners through innovative value-based contracts.

Transformational Outcomes

Strive’s high touch model reduces hospitalizations and dialysis crashes, and drives home dialysis adoption.

Massive Savings

Strive’s outcomes significantly reduce cost of care for CKD & ESRD patients.

Shift Risk To Strive

Strive assumes risk for CKD & ESRD patients over time and works with the payor to align incentives to an upstream-focused, outcomes-oriented clinical model.

Comprehensive Coding

Strive’s identification & analytics technology drives improved coding for your CKD population.

Address & Engage Complex Patients

Strive’s high-touch Kidney Heroes™ Team is specialized in driving patient engagement.

3 Steps to Partnership


Strive works with you to understand your patient population, marketing landscape, and capabilities.


We work together to design a partnership scope and operations to meet the specific needs of your population.


Strive can be providing best-in-class kidney care to your patients within four months.

Strive Health’s
Comprehensive Care Model

Through a specialized clinical team, predictive analytics, and streamlined care delivery through Strive Care Centers, we’re able to provide the only turn-key solution to health systems that improves patient outcomes without increasing burden on the health system itself.

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“At Strive, we’re transforming kidney care. While our mission, vision, and values-based culture play critical roles in that transformation, our people (Strivers) make it happen. Strivers are delivering compassionate kidney care and creating an incredible place to work.”

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