Build a Value-Based
Kidney Care Service Line

Health Systems should act now. With a growing employed physician base, acute care footprint, and increasing risk-bearing responsibility, the time is right for a CKD – ESRD solution. Health systems are increasingly under pressure to find ways to enter and expand value-based care initiatives. A partnership with Strive can accelerate that journey.

Market-Leading Outcomes. Lower Cost. New Revenue.

Strive works with health systems to build infrastructure to succeed in value-based kidney care. Strive brings purpose-built risk stratification & predictive analytics technology, a renal-specialized, localized clinical team, and the value-based care expertise necessary to transform the way your patient population experiences kidney disease.

A partnership with Strive benefits your health system in multiple ways:

Better Outcomes

Transformational patient outcomes are only possible in an integrated environment.

Revenue Growth

Achieve net-new revenue and contribution opportunity through dialysis business and other new clinical services.

Successful Shift to value

Build an integrated delivery system to successfully manage CKD + ESRD risk and generate massive savings.

Stategic Positioning

There is a large bucket of currently unmanaged chronic disease medical spend that can now be managed through participation in CMS’s new CKCC program.

3 Steps to Partnership


Strive works with you to understand your patient population, marketing landscape, and capabilities.


We work together to design a partnership scope and operations to meet the specific needs of your population.


Strive can be providing best-in-class kidney care to your patients within four months.

Strive Health’s
Comprehensive Care Model

Through a specialized clinical team, predictive analytics, and streamlined care delivery through Strive Care Centers, we’re able to provide the only turn-key solution to health systems that improves patient outcomes without increasing burden on the health system itself.

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“At Strive, we’re transforming kidney care. While our mission, vision, and values-based culture play critical roles in that transformation, our people (Strivers) make it happen. Strivers are delivering compassionate kidney care and creating an incredible place to work.”

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