Detroit Kidney Care KCE

Primary Contact:
Claire Heideman
Vice President, CKCC Market Operations
Location: Michigan

KCE participants and preferred providers:

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Joint Venture: Detroit Kidney Care KCE, LLC
is a joint venture between certain KCE Participants.

Key Clinical and Admin Leaders
• Joyce McClaren, General Manager
• Dr. Basel Taha, Medical Director

Members of Detroit Kidney Care KCE's Governing Body
• Dr. Jukaku Tayeb, St. Clair Nephrology
• Dr. Fahd Al-Saghir, Michigan Kidney Consultants
• Mohamed El-Ghoroury, St. Clair Nephrology
• Ben Kuhn, Detroit Kidney Care, P.C
• Will Stokes, Strive Health
• Karen Edwards, Consumer Advocate

Shared Savings and Losses

The proportion of any Shared Savings invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes, and other resources necessary to improve outcomes and reduce Medicare costs for Beneficiaries:
Will be posted when results are available

The proportion of Shared Savings distributed to KCE Participants and Preferred Providers:

Quality Measure Performance:
Gains in Patient Activation Scores at 12 months ("PAM")
Depression Response at 12 months-Progress Toward Remission
Optimal ESRD Starts  
Will be posted when results are available

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Beneficiary FAQs

Q: What is this new program for kidney care?

A: Your kidney care doctor is partnering with Medicare to improve the care of patients with chronic kidney disease in a new program called CKCC.

Q: What is CKCC?

A: The Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting(“CKCC”) model’s goal is to improve the education and understanding of kidney disease, prevent your disease from getting worse, and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and complications. The model does this by:
Ensuring you see your kidney doctor and primary care physician on a regular basis to manage your kidney disease and other health conditions
Providing care management services to help coordinate your care, understand your medical condition and medications, and assist with things that may be preventing you from following your care plan.
Ensuring you see your kidney doctor and primary care physician on a regular basis to manage your kidney disease and other health conditions
These services may include:
Discussion of kidney disease stages and what stage you are in
Help with understanding your treatment options
Collaboration on ways to improve your health
Coordination of transportation to your doctor’s appointment
Assistance with scheduling a doctor’s appointment
Medication review
Resources for affordable medications
Dietary recommendations
Making other services available to keep you healthy which may include home visits after an inpatient discharge, Telehealth visits, and enhanced education opportunities.

Q: Has my doctor changed or joined another group?

A: No, your doctor is still practicing in the same group and location.

Q: Have my Medicare benefits changed?

A: No, your Medicare benefits have not changed.
You can still go to any provider you choose.
You may be eligible for additional support or benefits under this new program called CKCC.

Q: When does this program start?

A: January 1, 2022.

Q: How do I access these services?

A: Strive Health is working closely with your doctor to provide these additional services. Strive Health will be contacting you via phone or letter to enroll in the program. You can also contact StriveHealth’s enrollment team at: 347-905-4231

Q: What is Strive Health?

A: We are a team of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and a Care Coordinators (Kidney Heroes) that assists with a variety of healthcare issues with special expertise in and focus on kidney health.
We are available 24/7 to answer beneficiary questions and concerns
We spend time with patients to understand their healthcare goals and partners with them to achieve them
We journey alongside our patients as a team and support system
Strive’s team will work as an extension of your physicians

Q: How much does the Strive program cost?

A: Some services such as care management visits may be available to you at no cost while other touch points are available to you at the typical Medicare cost. If you see a Strive Health nurse or nurse practitioner for a medical appointment, either in person or via Telehealth, the charge is the same as any other clinic visit.

Q: What if I don’t want to participate in this Medicare program?

A: You can call Medicare and opt out of data sharing. We encourage you to participate because we think these extra services will help to keep you healthy.

If you have questions or concerns about the model or want to opt out of sharing data, you can contact Medicare at : 1-800-Medicare

About Strive

Strive Health’s kidney care platform is designed for total care of chronic kidney disease and end stage renal disease in a value-based setting. We work with payors and providers to put the patient first, improve outcomes, and lower cost of care