The Strive Health Team

With extensive experience in healthcare, growing companies, and building amazing cultures, Strive’s team is here to innovate kidney care like never before. We hope you join us on the journey to improve our patients lives!

The Strive Health Team

With extensive experience in healthcare, growing companies, and building amazing cultures, Strive’s team is here to innovate kidney care like never before. We hope you join us on the journey to improve our patients lives!

Meet the Strivers

Our team is a league of Strivers. Each of us has chosen to dedicate our time to something bigger than ourselves. We are resilient, tenacious, and strive for continuous innovation. We have fun. And we always care for others first.

“At Strive, we’re transforming kidney care. While our mission, vision, and values-based culture play critical roles in that transformation, our people (Strivers) make it happen. Strivers are delivering compassionate kidney care and creating an incredible place to work.”

Chris Riopelle

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is dedicated to improving lives for under-served patient populations. After 20+ years scaling healthcare businesses, Chris co-founded Strive Health and serves as the CEO with a vision to innovate around value-based care to ..

Bob Badal

Chief Revenue Officer

With 25+ years’ experience in healthcare, and 13 years in kidney care, Bob knows the industry well. Bob is a co-founder and the Chief Revenue Officer of Strive Health with a vision to build partnerships with health systems and payors to ..

Aaron Molitor

President & Chief Operating Officer

Aaron has spent his entire career in the healthcare world, working across a variety of segments. He started with Hospital Corporation of America in the early 90s, helping the company establish the infrastructure to take full risk and ..

Masoud Nourmohammadi

Chief Technology Officer

Masoud has spent his career using technology to improve patient’s lives and lower healthcare costs. With a background in software engineering and leading world-class engineering teams, Masoud is excited to be working as Strive’s ..

Shika Pappoe

Chief Medical Officer

Shika spent 10+ years as a practicing nephrologist and has degrees from Wharton, Harvard, and Yale. Shika knows that our communities are better when healthcare is better. This vision for community-based care drives Shika’s passion as..

Will Stokes

Chief Strategy Officer

Will has spent his career launching and growing transformational healthcare businesses with a background in consulting for the healthcare industry. As a Strive Health Co-founder and as the Chief Strategy Officer, Will knows the kidney ...

Dave Thornton

Chief People Officer

Dave has spent the last 15+ years cultivating talent and building company culture. Most recently, he helped expand Evolent from 20 to 3,500 people with an award-winning culture. Today, he serves as Strive’s Chief People Officer, helping ...

Jon Collins

Vice President of Market Strategy

At Strive, Jon is responsible for leading the data engineering and analytics teams in our mission to put the right data, in the right hands, at the right time. He has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, bringing an...

Renee George

Senior Vice President of Market Operations

Renee is a value-based care executive with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare environment. She has served in various executive roles in health systems, physician organizations and provider sponsored health plans. Renee is ...

Jason Kemmer

Head of New Markets

Jason has 20+ years’ experience in a variety of healthcare settings. He comes to Strive with a deep understanding of value-based care and a vision for the future of kidney care. Today, he serves as Strive’s Head of New Markets, working ...

Ben Kuhn

Senior Vice President of Provider Solutions

Ben has spent 15+ years leading and launching successful healthcare and technology companies. At Strive, Ben leads growth and management of Strive’s physician-focused businesses..

John Lamberth

Vice President of Market Development

As Vice President of Market Development, John is responsible for structuring partnerships with key stakeholders, executing on acquisition opportunities, and shaping Strive’s dialysis strategy.

Rob McKinney

Vice President of Product

Rob is a 20-year veteran of developing cutting edge products in the digital industry. He creates seamless experiences for consumers while building sustainable business models. At Strive, Rob bridges the gap between business, clinical, and..

Kyle Snook

Senior Vice President of Dialysis Operations

Kyle has an extensive career leading small and large teams – first in the military, where he earned a Purple Heart, then as a DaVita Regional Operations Director, and prior to Strive as the COO of Actify Neurotherapies. At Strive, Kyle...

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